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The new, patented Low-Impact Exercise Device, Ball to Grip with Hand and Fingers. Exercise Device “TuBallRX” a tubing device that is Ultra Lightweight and provides quick results.

Fitness: TuBallRX™ allows for a unique fitness training for people of all ages. By using Low Impact resistant for full range of motion exercises it tones the whole body effectively and functionally  

Rehabilitation: Honoring each individual patient with care, proactive, preventive and personalized recovery, progression of strength, speed, power, movement, achieving patients goals of healthy living and prevention of injuries. 

Mission: Fitness and Rehabilitation exercises for people of all ages, to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.  

Testimonials and endorsements

  1. Testimonials and endorsements of the Tuballrx devices and the PSTRE workouts have come from the professional sports world including athletic trainers, physicians with the Rehabilitation Clinics.
  2. Fitness-Training Activity at Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Clinics and Community Centers throughout the United States, have proven the Tuballrx is an effective exercise treatment for joints and muscles

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