From the Inventor, Al Marquez, in his own words

I started the Top Results company because of a need rather than a want.  I’m a competitive tennis player and I needed more power in my volleys and speed on my serve. But I sustained a meniscus knee injury while playing in the Club League I belong to, and because I’m in my sixth decade of enjoying life, I was naturally concerned and had many questions.

How long would this pain last?  What are my treatment options?  Are there alternative treatments besides going under the knife?  My doctor recommended surgery, but I decided not to operate and instead started rehabbing using the Low Impact device I created, TuBallRx .  After two months of rehabilitative stretching exercises of my knee and arms, the knee pain I was experiencing was gone and my performance as a tennis player was noticeably improved with increased power in my ground strokes and speed in my serve. 

Naturally, my colleagues at the Club wanted to know what my secret was.  Indeed, my newfound “fountain of youth” was neither pills nor injections, but rather through regular workouts with TuBallRx.  Needless to say, the skeptics became converts, trying the device out with positive results, and feedback that assured me this was a difference-making exercise product with comments that repeatedly said, “Finally, a device I can use that REALLY works.”  And thus began my adventure into the world of exercise devices, and helping people become more physically fit, while promoting the advancement of health and wellness programs throughout my community.

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